The Leap of Faith

My first post ever on a blog! I have taken the plunge at long last! Knowing I will probably backstep if I think too much about it, I just went ahead and left my day job!

Frightening if you ask me, since I now no longer have a firm income monthly. Worse yet, I still have my 1 year+ daughter to look after (and another daughter due in January!) This almost feels like the Stone Age board game where I am playing from behind the other players and have not enough clan members to rescue the day. With no food left, I had to make a choice of either risking the entire family going hungry but get that awesome Card perk, or send an all-out hunting expedition to salvage my situation. I chose to go for that Card, since the situation would still not be particularly fantastic even if I managed to scrape through with enough food.

So here I am, “Hello, world!” from a brave and perhaps foolish entrepreneur-to-be, now without a job and able to focus full time on my true passion of making games. Yes, board games in particular. Of course, not all is dire. I have already planned this for a long time now, and my flagship board game (yup, lovingly designed by yours truly and play-tested to death by my closest friends) is almost ready to be launched. Fingers crossed now, its all about the wait for the final pieces of artwork to be done.


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