A real-life troll in disguise, Dominic takes petty pleasure in playing harmless pranks on friends and foes alike.

A hardcore game enthusiast, he owns over 260 games on Steam with his profile account above level 30. His very own house has a Game Room that specifically holds 4 shelves full of board games and miniatures, complete with two long tables and 8 benches. He plays all types of games, and even his friends sometimes call him crazy for playing certain really strange indie games. He has been designing games for over 15 years, both for private requests as well as for corporate functions or events. Recently, he has decided to burn (literally) along with his passion and enter full-time into the industry of board gaming.

You might even have known him at a much earlier time, back when Warcraft III mods were absurdly popular. He was the creator of several hit mods such as Red Winter, and even the dota-version of the japanese manga known as Naruto Wars. Back in those days, his forum had more than 30,000 users. But that was 10 years ago, and times have since moved on.

Dominic is also a member of the HS Codex, a gaming magazine made for the tabletop Heroscape, and provides artwork as well as produce the only comic strip series in the magazine known as Skellibros.


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