Attack On Titan Game

If you are into anime or manga, you should probably have already heard about the great Attack on Titan series. I you haven’t, I can assure you that you are missing out on one of the greatest geek stuff in life. There are many streaming sites that allow you to watch this anime with English subs. For those of you who already know about this anime, stick around anyway. I promise you a great reward at the end. For those who have not heard of it, I shall give a quick brief on what this is all about. The storyline is superb, starting off with introducing the world of Man about to come to an end – strange and huge monstrosities known as Titans have suddenly appeared from under the earth all over the world and started mindlessly killing off humans.

The Titans are all apparently male only, have very low intellect and look just like naked humans, but with ridiculous faces or proportions. They are categorized into several classes, with the weakest being as small as just three times the height of a human, to the elite class which could stand taller than a ten-storey building. Then there is the unique type of Titans, which have special attributes that are outside the norm of the Titans. For example there is a unique Titan that stands taller than fifty storeys! Or a female Titan who displays extreme cunning.

The story revolves around just one city – the last known human stronghold still standing on earth. For a time after Titans appeared, the humans have remained somewhat safe for a hundred years within the gigantic walls they erected around their last stronghold. However, in the very first episode alone, a unique Titan far larger than any previous ones appears and destroys a large portion of the wall, allowing the Titan army to rush in and go on a feeding spree – buffet eat all you can! The humans retreat into their next layer of walls within the city, but their future is looking ever more bleak. Special human squads trained to take on Titans are the highlight of the anime, and are split into three groups. The highest risk and coolest of them all is known as the Survey Corp, units who travel beyond the walls to recce. The anime gets more exciting as the humans reveal their gears used to combat such incredible creatures. They can actually whizz around through the air using gas canisters and steel wires fired from both sides of their hips. At many times of the anime, you will find yourself thinking that this anime is as cool as the spiderman movies, only several times better since there are so many of them instead of just one dude! There is a huge twist from the protagonist early to mid part of the series, which will change everything and hype up the entire anime further. Look forward to it!


Check out this quick youtube clip if you are still not convince to try and find out more about Attack on Titan. (Don’t watch all the way, there are spoilers! Just watch enough to understand if this is your cup of epic tea)

Now that you are hooked, I have good news for you. Those of you AoT veterans who stuck around to the end, or smartly just scrolled right down to here… I have a reward for you – a free AoT game where you can really experience the mechanism of the flying gears and the rush of going up against creatures who kill you in a split second if you ever falter from a slight mistake! All made by a super genius coder known as Feng Lee, and he’s YOUNGER than me!!! Argh! So much achievements put me to shame!

Here is the link to his game on the browser: