Final Fantasy Bounces Back At Last?

Several years ago, the legendary Final Fantasy began plummeting in its popularity as it churned out several weak titles, eventually pegging its hopes on a series of spin-offs from Lightning – a female protagonist who doesn’t seem to have any love interest at all, getting all the sexual tension from day 1 till the day she becomes overtaken by the next title.

At one point, the same time as Lightning was first announced, there was an alternate universe linked to hers – Final Fantasy 13-Versus. Alas, Square Enix disappointed deeply with its no-show. Just as we all began to think of them as a good memory of the past, Square Enix seems to be coming back at long last with its latest directions. Its only true hit in recent years was Crisis Core, from FF7’s universe. Apparently they realized that real time action seems to be the trend now, as can be proven again by their latest spin-off (yet again) of Lightning’s FF13-2.

Still, where was that royal prince who looked so much like Zack(FF7) who could control ethereal swords and blades? Was he forgotten by them afterall? Guess not, here is some proof: He will be the main dude for FF15. FF13-Versus is now cancelled.

Type-0 is also a game that will fill the gap while they work on FF15 itself, and Type-0 isn’t looking too shabby either. Check it out here: Nice, eh?

Perhaps Square Enix just might relive its glory days yet!