It is official! Kickstarter has moved unto the payment vendor Stripe. Amazon Payment was dropped, much to everyone’s surprise. Alas, the drop has thus far been viewed as a good move. Previously Amazon had required business partners (project creators on Kickstarter) to set up new accounts. Today, Stripe will allow setting up without that long wait of several days which the previous had required.

The unfortunate news for our non-American friends though, is that while Amazon Payment was only available to the Americans, the same is true of Stripe. So for Asians who had been praying to jump onto the bandwagon of Kickstarter, it seems the wait could just be that little bit longer still. All things said and done, creators have not had any actual hands-on in Kickstarter with Stripe as of now, and who knows if it will be for the better? Currently as it is, Stripe sure looks ready to make KS a better experience for one and all.


Useful Advice For Kickstarters

If you are someone like me, who is looking to KS for assistance on your upcoming amazing products that you would so very much wish to share with the world, this post is for you.

There are already tons of useful sites out there with great advice and stuff for KS potentials. But I have something more! In fact, it comes with a whole luggage of laughter. I know this certainly made my day and that’s why I’m here to share it with you. It’s a different angle from what other KS-advising sites do – It’s the opposite! It shows you the DO NOTs of the game.

A genius decided to create a collection of all the extreme failures of KS and post them onto a single collective page. He did not reveal his identity so I cannot credit him. But here is the link:

While it is bad to ‘laugh’ at the failure of others, most (note: NOT ALL OF THEM) of the projects there are blatant money-grubbing folks who have completely NO idea what KS is about and probably just looking to rip money off genuine ‘KS users’ looking to support genuine ‘project creators who need help’.