Fantasy and Reality Blurring Further Everyday

If you haven’t heard of the game Shadow of Mordor, you probably have been the captive slave of some brightly colored teletubbie look-alike orc in the past year. Set in the same world as the famous Lord of the Rings series, this game rides on the popularity of the brand, and abuses it with a delicious stand-alone game overflowing with creativity. Imagine a Jedi knight in the world of LOTR – ya something lidat~

Anyway this post is here to share with you a really epic youtube video made for the game, by live actors. The special effects are simply amazing and I had to rewatch the video from 4:15 to 4:25 at least 20 times before I was satisfied enough to continue the rest of the video! It almost felt like I was the one leaping forward with that epic strike. Oops, shouldn’t reveal too much! Just go take a look, ya? Certainly well worth your time! Today, technology is slowly proving that the line between fantasy and reality is getting fainter by the day. Yes, and the night as well, thank you for adding.

Enuff said’ Here is the link: